Sokolniki Park is one of the largest in Moscow. It now has a nine-metre long plastic horn that will be exhibited until the end of the World Cup. The electric instrument has a plastic loudspeaker that turns on when someone speaks, sings, or screams into its microphone. The vuvuzela became famous during the World Cup in South Africa. On the days that Russia plays, it will make special sounds if the home team scores a goal. To avoid disturbing anyone who passes by the park or lives nearby, its volume is limited to 120 decibels (the same as a car’s honk). FIFA does not allow the use of vuvuzelas or other instruments like horns or drums in stadiums.

1) According to the text, the vuvuzela:
A) Will be allowed in stadiums during the World Cup in Russia.
B) Is a musical instrument that was banned from the World Cup in South Africa.
C) The 2018 World Cup has a giant version of it.
D) Will be in Moscow’s Sokolniki Park forever.

2) Do you think FIFA should allow musical instruments in World Cup games?


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