The Central bank in Russia has launched a special edition 100 ruble bill (the equivalent to six reais) for the World Cup which started circulating in June. The bill features goalie Lev Iashin, a Russian football idol. It is the first time the country has a historical figure who is not a head of state on its bills.
Considered one of the best players of all times, Lev Iashin played between the 1950s and 1970s. He defended the national team of the now extinct Soviet Union (currently Russia) for 16 years by participating in four World Cups. The official 2018 World Cup poster already honored him.
On one side, the bill shows the image of a boy watching Iashin’s defensive move. On the other side, there is a football representing the globe, highlighting the Russian map, and the names of the 11 World Cup hosts. Twenty million commemorative bills will be distributed throughout the country.

1) According to the text, it is correct to state that:
A) The Central Bank of Russia has already paid homage to other public figures on bills.
B) The special bill is not in circulation yet.
C) Lev Iashin, the goalie, has already been honored in the World Cup in Russia.
D) Iashin played in five World Cups.
2) Which players in Brazil are as idolized as Iashin is in Russia?


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