Domino’s has created the campaign “Paving for Pizza” to stop pizzas from falling on the ground or falling apart when they are transported over potholed streets.

This is how it works: the pizza chain chooses one of the cities recommended by its clients. After that, it donates money so the potholes can be filled in and the cracks and bumps smoothed over. The company does the road maintenance in partnership with local governments in the United States.

When the roadwork is finished, Domino’s logo is painted on the pavement with the phrase “Oh yes we did”. The campaign has reached four cities and has filled in more than 50 potholes. Sixteen more towns will be covered by the program.

 1) How is Domino’s fixing roads in the United States?

A) They are using faster cars.

B) They are hiring more people to deliver pizzas.

C) They are filling potholes and leveling up bumps and cracks.

D) They are opening more stores.

2) Can you think of other ways to improve pizza delivery?


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