During the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the main preventive measures is to stay home. Real time transmissions through the Internet, lives, have become an alternative to interaction. An example would be artists and their public. The format became so popular that, according to a study done at the request of CNN Brasil Business by MindMiners, a technology company, 76% of those interviewed said they want to continue watching these transmissions after the pandemic.

 Are you also taking advantage of this moment to watch lives? Check out some fun facts about this type of transmission and do not miss out on JOCA’s new feature: bi-monthly lives with our team of journalists.

Pioneers One of the first records of a live musical online presentation was a transmission by the rock band Severe Tire Damage, from Palo Alto, in the United States. It took place in July 1993.

A Lot of People
The audience of lives is 10 to 20 times larger than that of recorded videos. This is what a study by Forrester consulting and the computer company IBM found.

For Children and Young People

BTS: the K-pop group is doing lives, dancing, singing, and sharing news about their next album with fans during the pandemic. The band also held transmissions on April 18th and 19th with the best moments from some of the shows that marked their career.
Check it out: bit.ly/bts-video-pandemia

Now United: with each member at home, the group held live transmissions dancing to its main hits.
Check it out:bit.ly/now-united-videos

JOCA: every two weeks, on Friday, the newspaper staff holds live transmissions to comment on the bi-monthly issue, discuss the behind-the-scenes of journalism, and answer readers’ questions. The next one will take place on May 29th.
Check it out:bit.ly/tv-joca-lives


1) What do 76% of those interviewed in a study say about lives?
a) That they do not want to watch this video format anymore
b) That they do not want to go to live music shows
c) That they have watched over 50 lives during the quarantine
d) That they want to keep watching lives after the pandemic

2) Have you watched any lives recently? Which one and why did you watch it?


O que você acha da volta dos esportes pelo mundo?

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