Cão robô

In Japan, owners send their robot dogs to temples when they stop working. At the temples, there is a funeral service for the robots with incense and prayers. Afterwards, the robots are taken away. The owners do not participate in the service, but they send a letter with the pet’s name and stories about what they experienced together. After the good-bye ceremony, the robots are packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard. Then they are sent to companies that fix electronic products. The parts that still work are used to repair other broken electronics. In Japan, more than 150,000 robot dogs have already been sold.

1) According to the text, it is correct to state that:
A) The Japanese have electronic dogs as pets.
B) In Japan, electronic parts are only thrown away in dumpsites.
C) Japanese funerals are only for people.
D) The Japanese like machines more than people.
2) What do you think about the fact that there is a farewell ceremony for robot dogs in Japan?


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