… Algae and plankton can also be thought of as alien life forms?
Scientists believe that humans are more likely to find these types of beings on other planets. Unlike what we see in movies, most researchers don’t believe they will find green gooey creatures.

… Aliens were supposedly found in the town of Varginha, in Minas Gerais state?
The story started in 1996 when a few residents said they had seen a spaceship and some creatures with a strange appearance. The reports were never confirmed, but the place is known as “ET town” to this day.

…There are those who swear that the American military are hiding aliens?
The creatures are supposed to be in Area 51, a secret government base in Nevada, in the western region of the country. Those who believe in this theory say the staff carries out scientific experiments on creatures that fall on our planet.

…Those who believe in aliens think that we can have three types of contact with them?
The first type of contact is to see a non-manmade object, such as a spaceship. The second is to notice that the unknown object caused some kind of impact on the environment, like frightening animals, and the third would be to actually see an alien.

… There could have been life on Mars in the past?
Researchers believe that water once flowed in the planet, which is an important factor to support life. Since 1976, humanity has sent probes to Mars to study the terrain and find out if living beings have already inhabited the planet.

… Scientists have discovered 10 planets outside the solar system that have the same temperature and size as the Earth and that, therefore, could host life?
The discovery was made thanks to Kepler, the space telescope that searches for planets.

1) After reading the text, we can say that:
A) There is no proof that there are living beings on other planets, but scientists are looking for them.
B) There is evidence that aliens landed in the town of Varginha, in Minas Gerais state.
C) The Kepler telescope sends messages to aliens on other planets.
D) Area 51 is just another myth; it does not exist.
2) Do you think there is life on other planets? Explain your answer.


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