Emily Zanourka is a 52-year-old violinist and opera singer. She was performing at a Los Angeles subway station in September when an officer from the police department who was there was struck by her voice. When he found out the artist was living on the street – even though she was very talented – he decided to film her and share the video online. Thousands of people watched the video and were moved. They created an online fund to receive donations and help Emily.

The singer has been supporting herself through violin performances. She started having financial problems three years ago after her musical instrument was stolen.

In little time, the donation campaign collected enough for Emily to buy a new violin. Also, while she collects money to support herself, she will stay at a hotel paid by the funds collected through donations.


1) How did the singer buy a new violin?
a) The man who filmed her gave it to her as a gift.
b) The singer did a fundraising campaign online.
c) Using the tips she got through performances in the subway.
d) Through donations that were made after a man posted a video of her singing.

Correct answer: D

2) What do you think other people could do to help Emily?


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