Eimi Haga, a 19-year-old Japanese student wanted to, innovate when her ninja history teacher decided to grade an activity based on creativity, in the beginning of October. She handed in a report which had “heat the paper” written on it. What the teacher could not have imagined was that the entire school paper had been written using aburidashi, a ninja technique that uses ink that is only visible when in contact with heat.

To prepare the substance, Eimi soaked soybeans overnight. The next day, she ground the mixture, squeezed everything through a cloth and mixed it with water. She had to wait two hours to get to the necessary concentration and write the report – the ink was invisible when it dried on the paper.

The student learned the technique when she was a child through a television program. The teacher gave her the highest grade.


1) What did the girl use to make ink?

a) Soy beans and water

b) Various grains

c) An undisclosed mixture

d) A special pen purchased in China

2) What is the most creative activity you have done for school?


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