The Starbucks chain has announced that 8,000 stores in the United States will close on the afternoon of May 29th to train 175,000 employees on racial discrimination. This decision was made after a racism episode. Two men who had not bought anything were seated at a Starbucks cafe in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They asked if they could use the restroom, but a store employee did not allow them to because restrooms are only for clients.

The two black men said they were waiting for a friend to arrive before they bought anything. The manager asked them to leave the store, and when they refused, he called the police. The men were handcuffed and taken away by the police. Then they spent eight hours in jail.

Starbucks was accused of racism and was the target of protests. The company’s president flew to Philadelphia to check on the situation and apologized for what had happened. One of the measures taken by the company is to hold a workshop for all employees on how to avoid racist behaviour.

1) Based on the text, it is correct to state that:
A) The company’s management did not pay enough attention to the episode.
B) Employees admitted making a mistake.
C) Racism is not an issue in the United States.
D) The company recognized its mistake.

2) What do you think about the Starbucks employee who called the police?


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