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Between May and October of this year, five schools in Linhares, in the state of Espírito Santo, and three schools in Fazenda Rio Grande, in Paraná state, collected a total of 3,620.5 kg of trash for recycling. Items brought from home by the students, which included PET bottles, cans, and materials used in schools, were placed in the institutions’ containers. From there, the refuse was taken to proper disposal sites.

The mobilization is part of a waste collection competition: in each state, the school that collects the most trash by November will win a prize, which will still be determined.

The contest is one of the stages of the Sustainable Station Project. The goal of the project is to make students aware of the importance of proper waste disposal and environmental conservation. Aside from the tournament, the initiative offered numerous other activities including magazine reading and games about sustainability.

What students who participate say about the project

“We put trash cans in the classrooms and every class began to sort their waste. Once a week, items are collected by someone who weighs the material and takes it to the recycling coop,” Maria Helena F., 10

“We learn to throw trash in the trash can and reuse what can be reused. Often , a can of milk can be converted into a pen holder, a PET bottle can become a toy…” Ana Cecília M., 8

Trash disposal in Brazil*

214.868Tonnes of waste are generated in Brazil every day – the amount corresponds to the volume of 6,100 Olympic swimming pools.

Brazilian towns do not have waste collection initiatives. This figure represents 29% of cities in Brazil

*2017 data – the last year the poll was conducted.


1) Which of the following alternatives is true?
a) The only goal of the Sustainable Station Project is to promote the waste collection tournament.
b) The Sustainable Station Project provides students classes on how to recycle.
c) The Sustainable Station Project promotes a waste collection tournament, actions with magazines and sustainable games, among other activities.
d) The Sustainable Station Project recycles materials brought by students.

Correct answer: B

2) What do you do with the trash at home?



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