In August 2020, American teacher Emily Jacobson was getting tired of the quarantine when she decided to have some fun. She recorded a video for TikTok, singing a song that she composed herself called “Ode a Remy” (a tribute to the mouse from Ratatouille, the movie launched by Pixar in 2007). The post was so successful that a production company, Seaview Productions, became interested in turning the game into a virtual musical with big stars from Broadway (a street in New York City in the United States that is famous for its theatres).

The show was named Ratatousical and was exhibited online from January 1st to the 4th. All amounts raised went to The Actors Fund, a charitable association that helps actors and professionals in the entertainment industry struggling because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Everything in the musical followed the TikTok format; that is, short videos with improvised scenarios and a lot of music. Artists recorded their part from their own home and sent it to the producer, who put it all together. Participants in the project include Adam Lambert (the current singer of the band Queen), Tituss Burgess (actor who had a part in the Angry Birds movie and in the new version of the Addams Family) and Ashley Park (known for being in the musical The King and I).

Ratatousical is no longer being exhibited, but the official website is still accepting donations. Disney does not own the rights to the movie and did not participate in the project, but gave its permission so production could happen. Find out more at:


1) Where was Ratatousical available in early January?

a) In the theatre

b) Online

c) On the street

d) In schools

2) Do you like musicals or plays? Why?


Pelo o que você mais está esperando em 2022?

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