The indigenous man who is about 50 years old is known as the “Índio do Buraco” (Indian from the Hole). He has had no contact with other humans since at least 1996, according to information from the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI). He lives in the Tanaru reserve in Rondônia state which is in the Amazon rainforest.

His tribe was exterminated after several attacks by farmers and woodcutters from the area. The last attack took place in 1995, and only six people were left in the group. The following year, FUNAI specialists began to keep the indigenous man under observation. He has never allowed anyone to get close to him, because he prefers to remain in isolation. To survive, the Brazilian “Tarzan” hunts and also grows corn, potatoes, yams, bananas, and papaya. FUNAI leaves seeds and tools in places he often passes through. FUNAI also continues to monitor the area to prevent others from coming close to the indigenous man, because this could create conflict and put his life at risk.

Who is Tarzan?
In books and movies, Tarzan is a boy raised in the African jungle by Kala, a female monkey from a made up species. The story was written by American Edgar Rice Burroughs and was first published in a magazine in 1912. The story has yielded over 20 books and at least 48 movie versions.


1) After reading the text, choose the right option:
a) The Brazilian “Tarzan” is frequently in contact with FUNAI.
b) The “Índio do Buraco” tribe still exists.
c) The Brazilian “Tarzan” is monitored from afar by FUNAI.
d) He asked for help and did not want to remain in isolation.

2) Why do you think initiatives that protect indigenous peoples are important?


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