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SE EU QUISER FALAR COM DEUS (If I Want to Talk to God by Paulo Henrique Gonçalves, Flamingo Publishing) – By Natália H., Chapel School, São Paulo (SP state)

The book “Se Eu Quiser Falar com Deus” tells the story of a little boy, Zé Carlos, who is learning about how the world can be unequal and unfair. The person who teaches him this lesson is his mother, Irene, who is a strong and courageous character. The book also teaches us how to talk to God when we are most in need.

Even though it only has 28 pages, the story deals with a very important subject, which I loved learning about: fighting racism. There are also several illustrations by Pati Costa. They help the reader understand and imagine the story more easily.

I would recommend this book to those who want to learn new words. It is a poem with various rhymes and rhythms that make the book enjoyable to read. Thanks to this wonderful story, I learned many things about life. I hope it helps you learn too!

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