Limestones formations of Guadeloupe Mountains' Carlsbad Caverns.

The Carlsbad Caverns National Park are in the state of New Mexico in the southeast of the United States. It has a cave system with close to 400,000 bats. The animals reproduce and live in peace in the dark, silent caves. They also make a lot of poo, so the caves are the dirtiest in the world! People who visit the park learn that bats are not dangerous to humans. It is the opposite: they are important for the ecosystem. The mammals help control pests, insects, mosquitos, and agricultural pests. Close to 20% of bat species are close to extinction.

1) In the cave system in New Mexico, close to 400,000 bats:
A) Live in closed spaces.
B) Stay in the caves to escape danger.
C) Kill mosquitoes and pests.
D) Reproduce to hurt humans.

1) Answer this: Why do you think bats important for the ecosystem?
2) Find out: Why are bats close to extinction?


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