For one day, the Edeka supermarket in Hamburg took olive oil, washing powder, and anything that is not manufactured in Germany off its shelves and placed the following ad in their place: “This is how empty our shelf is without foreigners.” The move was created to show Germans that they need the products that come from other countries. “We would be poor without diversity”, warned the supermarket.

The campaign, which will be replicated in other supermarkets of the Edeka chain, surprised clients and addressed a serious concern in Germany and other European countries today: the fear and anger that some have of foreigners. This is called xenophobia and could foster prejudice and hate among people of different nationalities.

The issue is important because Europe has immigrants and refugees who come from all over the world seeking a place to live. They are people who flee war, poverty, and hunger in search of a better life in continental Europe. However, the arrival of these immigrants has not been well accepted by everyone. Europe has undergone serious financial crisis in the last ten years, and many fear that  foreigners are taking jobs away from Europeans and burdening public services such as health and education.

Do you know which Brazilian products foreigners most consume?

Brazil exports a variety of products, which means that it sells products to other countries. These products generate wealth and help boost the economy. Among the products that are most often sold overseas are soy, coffee, sugar, and beef.


Describe the Edeka supermarket campaign and its objectives.

What is your opinion on the campaign? Does it make sense?


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