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King Mohammed bin Salman has authorized Saudi women to obtain drivers’ licenses. The measure was announced on September 26th and ended a very controversial ban. The change will go into effect in June 2018.

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and is governed by Islamic law (Sharia). It is the only country that does not allow women drivers. The veto was one of the main symbols of segregation and female oppression in the ultraconservative Saudi kingdom.

In the last few years, several women challenged the ban and were arrested or punished. The outlook began to change with King Salman’s ascension in June. The 32-year-old royal heir wants to improve the country’s image and boost the Saudi economy.

What Saudi women cannot do:
– Marry, divorce, travel, open a bank account or work without their guardian’s (father, husband, or brother) permission.
– Interact with men – except in hospitals, banks, and medical school.
– Women who are divorced cannot keep their sons after they turn seven or their daughters after they turn nine.
– Be heard in a fair manner: a man’s testimony in court is worth that of two women.
– Receive equitable inheritance: daughters get half of what their brothers get.

What Saudi women can do:
– Starting in 2015, vote in local elections and run for public office.


– Do you think that being able to drive was an important achievement for Saudi women?
– The article lists other activities women cannot perform. Does a country’s culture justify different rights for men and women?


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  • Student

    3 anos atrás

    i think it was a very important achivement, even it is a little action, the womens are winning their rights by a slow way, but it is a big step. by the way, the culture does not justify that, they should preserve the equal rights, independent of the gener.

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