Roda gigante Rio Star que será inaugurada em dezembro, na zona portuária do Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro will have a new tourist attraction starting in November: the giant Ferris wheel Rio Star. It is considered the largest in Latin America at the height of 88 metres (the equivalent to a 25-story building). From up there, you can see postcard views of the city including the Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer. The information comes from representatives of the construction company in charge of the project, JLCMT. The cost of the project was not revealed.

The structure will have 54 air-conditioned booths, with room for eight passengers each. As such, 432 passengers are expected to ride each loop. Each loop will last 15 minutes. The site is expected to receive 1 million visitors per year. The park where the Ferris wheel is located will also include other spaces, such as a play area for the children.

Overall, 110 workers were hired to work on the novelty – 15% of those directly employed live near the ride. As this issue of JOCA went to press, 97% of the project had been completed. Safety tests on a full loop and the construction of a management office have not been completed yet.

It is expected that the attraction will be inaugurated in the first half of November, when a few adjustments can still be made. In December, there will be an official opening with a special program that has not been announced yet.

Rio Star Ferris wheel
Official opening: December, date to be announced
Hours of operation: from 10am to 6pm

Tickets: R$ 49 online and R$ 59 at the ticket booth (by December, special ticket prices will be announced for Rio residents).

Where: Rio de Janeiro Port Zone


1) What is not true about Rio Star?

a) Its height is equivalent to a 25-story building.

b) The site is expected to receive 1 million visitors per year.

c) The project cost R$ 49 million.

d) From the wheel, you will be able to see other attractions like Christ the Redeemer.

Correct answer: C

2) What is the highest place you have been to? What did you feel?



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