Bull City Burger and Brewery has burgers with tarantulas in it. The spider dish was on the menu of the American restaurant to show the diversity of food that is eaten around the world. Spiders are a menu option for some cultures like the Asian culture. The restaurant said the zebra tarantula spider ( Aphonopelma seemanni ) tastes like crab and shellfish. The sandwich cost almost 100 reais. Anyone who finished eating the tarantula got a t-shirt so they could remember what they did. The restaurant is famous because of its alligator, iguana, snake, tarantula, and insect snacks.

Why did the restaurant put a spider in its burger?
A) Because it tastes like crab and shellfish.
B) To show that other foods are eaten around the world.
C) There are a lot of people who eat tarantulas.
D) To reward the client who ate it.

Insects are a way to end world hunger. What do you think about that?


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