In 2017, the sale of print books in the United States increased 1.9% when compared to 2016, according to BookScan, a tool that tracks print sales. Print copies became more popular, but digital books, or e-books, had a drop of 4.4% in sales in the first semester. The results of the second semester have not been disclosed yet.

In Brazil, e-books have also not taken off. Of all book sales in Brazil in 2017, only 1% were digital according to the latest Digital Book Census. Altogether, this represents 2.7 million books, of which 58% are literature, 24% science or technical, 13% religious, and 4% educational.

Some of the best-sellers in children’s and young adult’s books in Brazil in 2017 were:

1) Felipe Neto  – A Trajetória de um dos Maiores Youtubers do Brasil
2) Extraordinário (Wonder)
3) O Mundo de Larissa Manoela
4) Harry Potter e a Criança Amaldiçoada (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child)
5) A Rainha Vermelha (The Red Queen)
6) Minha Vida Fora de Série – 4ª Temporada
7) AuthenticGames – A Batalha da Torre
8) Diário de Um Banana – Apertem os Cintos (Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Getaway)
9) Os 13 Porquês (13 Reasons Why)
10) O Diário de Larissa Manoela

Source: PublishNews

QUESTIONS – level 2

1) According to the text, what is the current scenario for printed books?
a. The sale of digital books is growing in the United States and in Brazil.
b. The sale of digital books is growing only in the United States.
c. Americans are reading more printed books.
d. Brazilians are reading more.

2) What do you like about reading printed material? And what about reading on a device?


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