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On January 15th, the audio app Spotify launched a tool called Pets with song lists especially made for pets. The playlists include tracks that are similar to the ones pet owners most enjoy and are adapted to each pet’s personality. For this, the owner has to specify if the pet is friendly or shy, among other traits.

The initiative started after the company discovered that 71% of owners played music to their pets. The results are part of a study carried out with five thousand owners of dogs, cats, iguanas, birds, and hamsters in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Italy, and Spain. Among the discoveries, the most interesting are that: 80% of the owners believe that their animals enjoy listening to music, 57% dance with them, and 69% sing to their pets.


1)What information is false according to the text?

a) The new tool brings lists of songs for pets like iguanas and cats.
b) 71% of pet owners play music for their pets.
c) The playlist only takes each animal’s personality into consideration.
d) The new tool was created based on a study carried out in five countries.

2) Which do you think is your pet’s favorite musical genre (or that of any pet that you know)?



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