Philippina Gel Rodriguez had excess baggage when she took a plane in October. She found an unusual solution to avoid paying for the extra baggage fee. Gel was told that her suitcase weighed close to nine kilos – two more than the maximum allowed.  She decided to put on almost three kilos of clothing.

As a result, she had to board the plane wearing at least five t-shirts, four shirts, a coat and three pairs of pants. She did not have to pay the extra fee, but she told the American website VICE that she probably would not do this again, because she was very hot during the trip.


1) How may kilos did the passenger’s suitcase weigh after she put on all of the clothing?

a) Nine kilos

b) 11 kilos

c) Less than seven kilos

d) Three kilos

2) What do you think are the best ways to reduce the weight of a suitcase?


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