Close to 144 million Brazilians will vote in the next municipal elections on October 2nd to elect mayors, vice- mayors, and city councilmen. If two of the candidates obtain close results, a second round of votes, called a run-off, will take place. In the run-off that has been scheduled for October 30th, the two candidates with the most votes will run to see whom the people choose. Who- ever wins will be the new mayor.

FIND OUT MORE: The mayor is a city’s highest authority. It is the mayor who manages the accounts and de- cides where to invest in order to improve the quality of life of citizens. The term lasts four years. Councilmen are the people’s representatives. They make, discuss, and veto laws on improvements, services, and public works. Just like the mayor, councilmen are elected every four years. To find out about the candidates and their proposals for cities, access: http://goo.gl/UyvwO8

1. Why should we choose our councilmen carefully?
2. When would a second round be unnecessary?


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