Twenty-three national teams have guaranteed participation in the 2018 World Cup. Nine spots still need to be defined. Three national teams will come from the African qualifiers and another six will be determined in the November 11th to the 15th play-off games. The matches between Italy x Sweden, Northern Ireland x Switzerland, Croatia x Greece, Denmark x Ireland will determine the four missing European teams. Australia x Honduras and New Zealand x Peru will determine the other two spots.

Teams that win and have the highest number of goals after all the games will go to the World Cup. If there is a tie, the criteria will be the number of goals scored outside home turf. If the tie continues, the match will go to overtime and penalty kicks.

Lucas Figueiredo | CBF

Check out the national teams that have already qualified:


Central and North America: Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay
Africa: Egypt and Nigeria
Asia: Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Iran, and Japan
Europe: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, England, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Russia* (the host), and Serbia

Questions – nivel I
– How many countries have qualified for the 2018 World Cup already?
– When will be the list completed?



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  • Student

    3 anos atrás

    23 countries are qualificaded IN the day 15

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    3 anos atrás

    Right :)

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