A robot with human shape that changes into a sports car was unveiled in Japan. The change can take place with up to two people inside the car. The car is 3,7 metres tall and weighs 1,6 tonnes.

The J-deite Ride was created by 31-yearold Kenji Ishida, president of Brave Robotics. Ishida was inspired by movies and cartoons that he watched when he was a child. He began to learn robotics when he was 14 and was making plans to build a transformer.

J-deite Ride walks slower than a turtle on his two “feet”. To walk faster, he could slide on two wheels at 30 km/hr. As a car, it can reach the speed of 60 km/hr.

Brave Robotics said that it needs to do more tests before the transformer can be used as a ride in amusement parks. The company plans to launch a five-meter robot in 2020.


1. It is correct to state that:

a. The J-deite Ride will be on the streets of Japan soon.
b. The robot takes longer than a minute to change into a car.
c. Building a transformer was Kenji Ishida’s childhood dream.
d. Brave Robotics is not planning another launch.

2. Do you think kids will be interested in the J-deite Ride?


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