Shridhar Chillal had the longest nails in the world in 1979 according to the “Guinness World Records”. Together, the nails in his left hand measured over two metres in length. When he finally cut them in 2018, the combined length of his left-hand nails was over 9 metres.

The longest one was the thumb nail which measured 1, 97 metres. The shortest one was the index finger nail which measured 1, 64 metres. Shridhdar had a career as a photographer. He could only use his right hand to work since it was virtually impossible to use the left hand because of his long nails.

To cut the nails, a technician had to use a saw and wear a protective mask. The process took close to 20 minutes. The nails are now exhibited at “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” museum in New York, in the United States.


1) Why couldn’t Shridhar Chillal use his left hand to work?

A) Because his nails were too long.

B) Because his cameras worked better when he used his right hand.

C) Because he is right handed.

D) Actually, he could use both hands.

2) Would you go to the museum and see Shridhar’s nails? Why?


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