The Islamic State (IS) and terrorism are humanity’s biggest concerns, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, an organization of experts dedicated to political, social and economic studies. Between the months of February and May 2017, the survey investigated which fears most affect people in 38 countries. Europe, which has suffered the highest number of terrorist attacks, is the continent with the most countries with this phobia. However, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States also fear the IS. The IS is the terrorist group that recruits fighters online and carries out attacks primarily in tourist spots.

In second place, is the fear of the effects of climate change (such as a rise in temperatures , as well as water shortages). That is what those who live in Latin America and Africa fear the most. Cyberattacks and global economic conditions are tied in third place.

Another survey, carried out among the winners of the most important international award, the Nobel prize, points to the effects of global warming, such as recent hurricanes that hit the USA and the Caribbean, as being major concerns. But those are not the only ones. According to experts interviewed by the Times Higher Education (THE), a publication that monitors higher education in several countries, uncontrolled population growth is also a concern for the 50 interviewed Nobel prize winners. “Dealing with the climate and providing enough food and drinking water for the world are serious issues, ” a scientist said to the THE.

Another threat that afflicts Nobel winners is that of nuclear war. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s show of military power, with the launch of ballistic missiles and nuclear tests, is spreading fear everywhere, including Brazil. According to Google, Brazil is among the countries that most research the topic online.

What is it?


A person who uses terror, violence (bomb explosions, shootings, running people over, etc.), to capture the world’s attention and impose his/her ideas.

Islamic State

It is called Daesh in Arabic and is the terrorist group that has taken partial control of the territory of Iraq and Syria. Both countries are gripped by civil war (when people from a same country fight among themselves).


Based on the two studies mentioned in the text above, list the main concerns people have about the world today.

Do you have any concerns to add to the list?


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