Ryan Hickman was only three when he discovered a passion: transforming garbage. This happened in 2012, after visiting the recycling center close to his home in Orange County, California. In his interview to CNN, the news network, Ryan’s father recalled that the day after the visit Ryan said: “I’m going to pick up all the cans and bottles from everyone in the neighborhood.” Today, eightyear-old Ryan is the employee with the most important position at Ryan’s Recycling Company; he is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

The company has more than 50 clients and has already recycled 320,000 aluminum cans and plastic
bottles. Ryan’s story became wellknown and gained attention from the American media. In interviews, he says that even though he does not remember how it all started because he was very young, what
motivates him is his concern for animals. “It’s because bottles get to the ocean and then animals get sick and die,” he says.

Recently, Ryan’s Recycling Company donated 6,000 dollars to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Up to now, the recycling company has already made close to 11,000 dollars. According to his father, the money is going into savings to pay for Ryan’s university. The young entrepreneur told CNN that
he would like to buy a garbage truck and become a garbage collector.


1. According to the text, what motivates Ryan to recycle trash is that:

a. He cannot stand dirt.
b. His concern for animals that are dying because of the trash in oceans.
c. His desire to own a garbage truck.
d. The need to earn money.

2. According to Ryan’s father, what are the company’s profits being saved for? Would you do the same?


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