…Frenchman Émile Reynaud created the first animation ever in 1892?  He drew each of the scenes in Fantasmagorie. Placed side-by-side in a photographic film, the images would “move” when projected. This is the oldest animation technique.

… the first animated cartoon with sounds came from Walt Disney studios and featured Mickey Mouse?  Released in 1928 in black and white, the short film Steamboat Willie is seven minutes long.

Flowers and Trees also by Disney was the first animation in colour? The movie was released in 1932.

…Toy Story was the first animated cartoon movie created entirely by computers?

… the first animation Oscar went to  Snow White, in 1938? It was a prize in honour of Walt Disney: instead of a statue, he was awarded a life-size one and seven miniatures. The best animation category only appeared in 2002 with Shrek.

…the animation with the most ticket sales in history is the live action version of The Lion King, released this year? The long feature collected 1.64 billion dollars surpassing Frozen (2013), which is now in second place with 1.27 billion dollars in sales.

1) According to the text, which is the oldest animation technique?
a)The one done with stones
b) The coloured one
c) Graphic computers
d) The one done using drawings for each scene

2) What is your favourite animation feature? Explain your answer.


Qual é o acontecimento mais esperado de 2020?

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