Bárbara during her presentation at the Sofia phase of the rhythmic gymnastics World Cup on April 4th. Credits: Twitter/CBG

On April 9th, Brazilian Bárbara Domingos took home a gold medal in the rhythmic gymnastics ribbon category at the Thiais Grand Prix in France. It was the fi rst time a Brazilian went up on the podium for the modality in a Grand Prix.

The athlete scored 31,100 points, her highest in the current season. Hungarian Fanni Pigniczki came in second with 29,250 points, and French Hélène Karbanov came in third with 29,000.

“I a m very happy with the results in ribbon. (…) If I keep training as I am, and doing well in the competitions, we will achieve a major goal which is obtaining an olympic spot,” said the gymnast after the victory.

Bárbara had already achieved another feat a week before: Brazil’s fi rst individual medal in the World Cup for rhythmic gymnastics and a bronze medal also in the ribbon category in Sofi a, Bulgaria. To secure participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics in France, Brazil needs to get one of the fi ve slots that will be disputed in the World Championship between the 23rd and 27th of August. If it does not, its last chance would be to win the Pan American games set to take place in April or May next year.


It appeared in the 1920s when new exercises and music were added to artistic gymnastics. The first championship took place in 1961. There are individual and group tests (five gymnasts present together). The apparatuses are: hoop, ball, rope, ribbon, and clubs (a pair of apparatuses with elongated handles that are thrown and caught during the presentation).

Sources: Agência Brasil, Brazilian Olympic Committee, Brazilian Federation of Gymnastics, and GE.

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