Due to the quarantine implemented in several countries,  professional athletes can no longer go to gyms or training centres to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics   – which has been postponed until 2021 due to the new coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, many are training at home.  They use workout equipment, objects and parts of their homes to exercise.

Check out what athletes of different nationalities have shared on social networks.

South Africa

Ruswahl Samaai, long distance jumping, lifting weights and exercising to improve his physical fitness, by going up a small wall at his home’s entrance.


Badminton’s Carolina Marin exercises on a stationary bike. “Prepared for Tokyo 2020” says the caption on the movie.


Climber Mawem Mickael does push-ups on a bar that is attached to a door, as well as practices push-ups on the floor of the veranda and climbs  parts of the house like doors and archways. The Tokyo Olympics will be the first edition of the games to include climbing competitions.


Gymnast Arthur Nory uses objects and parts of the house to practice handstands. The athlete shows up exercising on the door and on the stairs which he uses by going up and down the steps. In another video, Nory builds castles with rolls of toilet paper while doing a hand stand.

United States

Swimmer Josh Prenot lifts weights, stretches, and does push-ups. To amuse people, he also shared a video where he does sit ups while holding his dog.

Do not try these exercises at home. These practices are only recommended for professional athletes.

Sources: Josh Prenot’s, Arthur Nory’s, Mawem Mickael’s, Carolina Marin’s, and Ruswahl Samaai’s Instagram accounts


Which of the options below is not true?
a) By reading this article, it is possible to claim that all professional athletes are training during the quarantine.
b) Mawem Mickael is a French athlete.
c) As a joke, Josh Prenot exercised lifting his dog.
d) Carolina Marin did not use a traditional bicycle to train.

2)Which of the workouts mentioned in the text did you most like? Why?


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