Russian artist Svetlana Petrova has always had the habit of taking photos of her cat, Zarathustra, in funny poses. But she decided not to keep the images of her pet to herself and gave the fun pictures a new purpose: using computer editing, she inserted the cat into famous paintings.

Zarathustra’s “intrusions” were so successful that the images were printed on posters, calendars, and even clothes. The edits use artwork that range from paintings made thousands of years ago, to very famous ones (such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa) and more contemporary ones. You can check out the cat artwork on this


1) How did the artist include the cat in the artwork?
a) She took pictures of the cat in front of the paintings.
b) Using computer programs to do the editing.
c) She used a collage technique.
d) She painted all the paintings over, using real canvas and paint.

Correct answer: B

2) Would you like to have a painting or a poster with Zarathustra’s images? Why?


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