Car manufacturers and technology giants such as Google and Über are betting on self-driving cars, that is, those that do not have drivers. Today, thousands of these cars are in the process of being tested. It is predicted that by 2050, 100% of cars will be self-driven.

To give the industry guidance, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has classified this automation in six levels. See below what the main characteristics of each of the levels are and when we could expect them to be implemented on the roads.



Questions – level III

– Is it possible to drive a fully automated car today?
– What functions are still missing for a car to be fully automated?


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  • Student

    3 anos atrás

    Mt bom

  • Joca

    3 anos atrás

    Interessante, não é? Mas você sabia que muitas pessoas não confiam nos carros sem motorista? Nos Estados Unidos, 87% das pessoas têm medo desse tipo de automóvel, segundo o Pew Research Center.

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