The swine named Pigcasso, in honor of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, became famous for using its snout to paint canvases that are considered abstract art. Sold for an average of a thousand euros,
the pig’s art work has even earned its own exhibition, Oink!, in Cape Town, South Africa. From there, the exhibition will travel to Paris, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

Pigcasso was rescued from a South African slaughterhouse, at four months, by activist Joanne Lefson. According to National Geographic magazine, Joanne noticed the mascot’s knack for painting as it played with a pencil. Joanne then trained it using rewards like food in exchange for painting. She says that Pigcasso is not obliged to paint and only does so when it wants to.

QUESTIONS – level 2

1. According to the text, how did the pig start to paint?

a. It was trained by its owner who rescued it and noticed its knack for painting.
b. After being rescued from a slaughterhouse, it was sent to painting school.
c. It was forced to paint by its owner and does not like it.
d. None of the above

2. What did you think of Pigcasso’s name?


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