… cookies with chocolate chips were created because there was not enough chocolate to make chocolate cookies?

In 1930, American Ruth Wakefield decided to chop up the only chocolate bar she had and divide the pieces among the cookies. The idea was for everything to get mixed up. But that did not happen and the cookies with chocolate chips were born.

… before soft drinks appeared, drinks with gas bubbles were used as medicine?

In 1767, gas started being used in water because people thought that it could cure several illnesses

… tea appeared almost five thousand years ago, when a leaf fell in the king’s hot water?

… coffee was discovered in the 700s after goats ate their red fruits and started jumping around?

That is when coffee’s stimulating properties were discovered. The first try was to drink it like tea. The taste was unpleasant, so the beans were thrown in a fire. This created a fragrant smell. That is how people discovered that it was better to use roasted beans.

… ice cream came from a mix of snow with rice milk paste, five thousand years ago?


1) What made people notice that coffee has a stimulating effect?
a) The smell it produces when it is roasted
b) The goats’ reaction after eating coffee fruits
c) Experiments done in the 17th century
d) Drinking tea with it

2) Would you like to create a new type of food? Explain your answer.


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