… cats can bond with their owners like dogs? According to a study in September’s Current Biology magazine, felines are more independent in their day-to-day activities, but they also care about their owners.

… cats do not always land on their feet? Chances that they land on their feet are higher when they fall from great heights, starting from the seventh floor of a building. That is when they have time to line up their bodies in relation to the ground to land on all paws at the same time.

… Brazil has close to 22 million cats? That is what the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) says. The number is almost double the population of São Paulo, the most populated city in Brazil, with 12 million people.

… feline purring is good for human health? Studies show that the sounds help reduce stress in the owner, for example. But specialists do not agree on what makes cats purr.


1) According to the text, what effect does purring have on cat owners?
a) They irritate the owners.
b) There is no effect.
c) Cats use this sound to warn that they are sick.
d) Purring helps reduce the owner’s stress.

Correct answer: D

2) Would you like to have a (or another if you already have one) pet? Why?


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