An unprecedented survey has revealed which Brazilian cities have most been struck by lightning. Brazil is the country that receives the largest amount of electrical discharge in the world. The monitoring system of the National Institute for Space Research Institute (INPE) shows that Rio Branco, Palmas, Manaus, São Luís, Belém, and São Paulo are, in this order, the six capitals with the highest lightning incidence per square metre.

According to INPE, the north gets more lightning due to its mighty rivers, which increase humidity and make the region more likely to be hit by storms. São Paulo is the state with the highest number of lightning victims. Researchers say that this is due to the polluting gases that are released in the atmosphere and encourage lightning forming clouds.

Marcos Ozanan

The report concluded that 43% of deaths due to lightning occur in the summer and that two out of every three deaths take place outdoors. Thus, specialists warn: beware, if you hear thunder, look for shelter.

Questions – level III

– Why does the north of Brazil have more lightning than other states?
– According to the report, at what time of the year does lightning affect more people?


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