The police in China are using artificial intelligence to identify suspects with new glasses. The glasses recognize suspects’ faces in a few minutes and provide a complete report on their identity. The system was tested successfully in Zhengzhou, the capital of super populated Henan province. It is being used in train stations.

The dark glasses have a small camera that can capture the face of people who pass in front of the lenses. The information is checked against the police database to find traits that match with those on the list of suspects. The results show up practically instantaneously in a tablet-like mobile device.

Since February 1st, the intelligent glasses have already helped locate several criminals. The system can also check the identity of anyone who is scanned. Because of this, it has already been criticized for invasion of privacy.

QUESTIONS  – level 2

1) Where are Chinese police looking for suspects using the glasses?
a. In shopping malls and large commercial centres
b. On busy avenues
c. In train stations
d. All of the above

2) Why are the smart Chinese glasses being criticized?


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