There are many different accents in Brazil. Why do accents vary from one region to another? One of the factors may be the influence of people who already lived in the region together with that of people who moved there. The Portuguese language brought by the Portuguese court was influenced by Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, and other languages that came with the immigrants. It was also influenced by the indigenous people of Brazil and the slaves who were brought to the country. That is how an accent was born. In the South of Brazil, for example, there is a mix of German and Italian with languages from the people of Eastern Europe. In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, there is also the influence of the Spanish language from neighboring countries. São Paulo has a large Italian community and a mix of people from other parts of Brazil and the world.

1. Before you read: Which other Brazilian accents can you recognize aside from yours?
2. Read the article and answer: What is one of the factors that can contribute to a di erent accent?


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