British 99-year-old Tom Moore was able to raise 15.5 million pounds (close to 101 million reais) as this issue went to press. This amount will go to the public health system of the United Kingdom to fight the new coronavirus. It all started with the elderly man’s venture to walk from one end of his 25-metre backyard to the other 100 times – about the length of six lined-up buses – in exchange for online donations.

The amount that was raised, 500 thousand pounds (approximately 3.3 million reais), was much higher than what he had set out to raise by April 30th, the day he turned 100.  The Brit’s expectation was exceeded within 24 hours after launching the online challenge, which was a type of open online pool for anyone who might want to contribute.

Moore’s walks were carried out with a walker – a walking aid for people with mobility issues. The older man’s original idea is to continue with these walks until his birthday. 

Sources: BOL, G1, Just Giving, and USA Today

1) Why did Tom Moore do the campaign?
a) To help the public health system
b) To promote walks
c) So people would not leave their homesd) His family challenged him to it.

2) What do you think are other ways we can raise funds to help others?


Pelo o que você mais está esperando em 2022?

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