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ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (Lucy Maud Montgomery, Ciranda Cultural publishing company) – By Marcela P., São Paulo (SP state)

The Anne of Green Gables novel is about a girl named Anne Shirley. She is 11, and her greatest virtue is her imagination. She has big green eyes, freckles, and long red hair. She is also very talkative and intelligent. When she is three months old, she is sent to an orphanage and lives there until she is about three. Then, she lives in two houses with many other children, where everyone is prejudiced against her red hair. This is how she starts to hate her hair.

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, two siblings who live in Avonlea, Green Gables, decide to adopt a boy to help on their farm. Days later, Matthew goes to pick up the boy, and is surprised to see that it is a little girl by herself, waiting for someone. When he asks her what she is doing, the girl answers that she is waiting for her adoptive parents.

Matthew soon realizes there has been a mistake and thinks about returning Anne. But minutes later, he falls in love with the girl and takes her home. When they arrive, Marilla is really surprised, but later realizes what life would be like without Anne. Anne Shirley starts going to school, makes many friends, and experiences various disappointments.

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