TAOYUAN, TAIWAN - MAY 02: Team Rakuten Monkeys celebrate their team 1000th wins after winning the CPBL game bewteen CTBC Brothers and Rakuten Monkeys at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium on May 02, 2020 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. (Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images)

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, sporting events were cancelled or suspended all over the world during the month of April. But in Taiwan, in Southeast Asia, reality is quite different. The number of cases is low – 428 registered cases in a population of 23 million. Baseball games, a major Taiwanese passion, were resumed on April 11th.

Although the number of people contaminated by the virus is low, measures to prevent contagion are still in place. All games have taken place with players, members of the technical committee, fan club leaders, mascots, and journalists being allowed in stadiums, but no crowds. Fans have to watch the game on television, cell phones, or the computer.

The current baseball season was set to start on March 14th, but had its start delayed twice because of covid-19. If necessary, all the games of the season, which runs through November, will take place without a live audience.

Sources:  ESPN, Estadão, and O Globo


1) Why did the baseball games in Taiwan resume?
a) Because the fans insisted on it
b) Because the new coronavirus did not affect Taiwan
c) Because the number of covid-19 cases there is low
d) Because the World Health Organization allowed it

2) What do you think about Taiwan resuming baseball games? Explain your answer.


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