Sun Yun bought a Tibetan Mastiff puppy for her family. They live in the city of Yiliang in western China. After two years, she realized that she was actually raising a bear cub. The family noticed that there was something different about their pet from the start. First, because of its appetite. The “dog” ate a box of fruits and two buckets of spaghetti every day. Then, as it got bigger, it showed it could walk on two legs. That was when the family was sure they had a bear and not a dog. The animal is almost one metre tall. It was taken to the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Yunnan province. It is an Asiatic black bear. The species is almost extinct. The story was in the local Chinese media and in the British newspaper The Independent .

1) Sun and her family noticed the dog was different because:
A) It loved honey.
B) The dog slept the whole day.
C) The animal ate a lot and began to walk on two legs instead of four.
D) It showed aggressive behaviour.
2) Do you think wild animals like bears can be raised in a domestic environment?


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